Interlocking stonework involves the use of specially cut paving stones to create strong and complex patterns. Work from interlocking pavers is more resilient because the pavers’ shape and the interlocking nature of the stones gives the pavers a natural cohesion without being dependent on the use of mortar.

The technique of interlocking stone is nothing new; it was the masonry of choice among the Romans who used the technique to not only construct beautiful patio and pathways for the elite governors’ homes, but also to construct roads that are still in use today.

At Davel Construction, we have studied the different methods of  interlocking stonework and have found them to be both visually appealing as well as stronger than many types of poured pavement. Interlocking stones are popular for outdoor installations because they lend the landscape a geometric presence.

Homeowners like how the pavers are available in different materials and palettes, which gives the stonework a sense of tailor-made construction. These pavers are available in natural stone, granite, flagstone, limestone and sandstone; all of which add character and style to the landscape and coordinates with most home styles and designs.

Common Interlocking Stonework Applications

At Davel Construction, Inc., we utilize interlocking pavers for areas that are high traffic, that are vulnerable to the elements, and that are still meant to be a pleasure to look at. In the past interlocking stones were used for both their durability, their versatility in terms of design, and of course for the impressive aesthetic that makes them a testament to craftsmanship and construction.

Interlocking Walkway

Walkways are ideal candidates when it comes to interlocking stonework as they are likely to be the most frequented structures in any exterior landscaping design. This means they need to be durable but in terms of looks, they also need to be pleasing to the eye as they make a statement about the property.

Interlocking Driveway

The driveway is another structure that receives a lot of traffic, as is usually the victim of damage. This area can benefit from the use of interlocking stone, because the pavers last a good amount of time even under a vehicle’s weight.

Interlocking Patio

Patios that bridge the gap between interior and exterior home design have become an essential outdoor sitting room in a family’s backyard. Interlocking stones are perfect for patios because their geometry and color creates a functional and stylish space for outdoor living.

Interlocking Design Options

By their nature, interlocking stones offer builders and designers an array of options to choose from. Take into account the look and design of your home to see how interlocking might affect the final result.

Interlocking stone pavers come in a wide variety of colors including black, tan, green, and many natural tones. These can be blended together to create interesting patterns that are enhanced by the combination of color and texture. The addition of shapes like octagons, diamonds and hexagons and media like concrete and asphalt, will make your stonework application unique.

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