Outdoor Lighting

Having the proper lighting arrangement can create a specific type of atmosphere for your home’s exterior. At Davel Construction, Inc., we combine our knowledge of construction, design, and lighting to develop a welcoming illumination for your outdoor space.

Depending on the mood you want to create, we use hardscape lighting, landscape lighting, and other lighting methods to bring the look of your backyard or patio to life.

Along with lighting fixtures adding a sense of presence and framing the beauty of your backyard, the lighting arrangement will create a sense of safety by helping your friends and family negotiate foot paths safely.

Lighting will enhance any new renovation, patio, or deck by creating a space that is warm and inviting.

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In addition to our skills in stonework, we know how to bring the rustic beauty of wood to life through our construction work. At Davel Construction, Inc., we focus on making durable wood into meticulous architectural wonders when juxtaposed against stone or standing on its own.

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience with woodwork, we are able to create a number of wood structures for your exterior space including decks, sheds, pergolas, porches, entrance ways, railings, cabanas, and fences with a look that compliments your home.

Well-crafted woodwork can add a homey, enduring, and authentic quality to any design, especially if handled by a responsible and professional crew like ours. This kind of addition is a good investment for your home and will add value to you property.

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3D Design

With our expertise in the field of 3D home exterior design, we have changed the way that interlocking construction, wood crafting and stonework can be done. With this technology, the image you have in your mind can be rendered into a close approximation of reality.

We can take the concept or simple sketch you have and present you with a 3D rendering of what the construction project will look like when everything comes together.

3D designs bolster the effectiveness of the more than 15 years of contracting experience we have here at Davel Construction, Inc., by adding a specific goal and the precise input of the homeowner. This gives you peace of mind and us a clear pathway to success.

When you give us your input on the 3D design, you can peruse the textures, colors and styles of the material and take a virtual stroll through the space you helped to design.

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