4 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space & Love Your Life

Written by Davel Construction On August 1, 2022
Outdoor Kitchen by Davel Construction

While we go to great lengths to ensure that every inch of our home interior is maximized for function and style, we’re often guilty of underestimating the possibilities that exist outside. Your outdoor living space is just that: a space for living that happens to be outdoors and belong to you. Your yard is more than a place for gardening and patio furniture, it’s a place for entertaining. It increases the value of your home. Being outdoors even has health benefits! When it comes to your outdoor living space, the sky’s the limit, so let’s get started!

Join the Fun by Bringing Your Kitchen Outside

Everyone else is throwing a frisbee or playing with the dog in the warm summer sun while you’re stuck inside making coleslaw or chopping watermelon. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Outdoor kitchens go waaaay beyond barbecues (although a good BBQ is a great place to start!). Cupboards allow you to store your supplies and avoid running back and forth to your indoor kitchen. Ditto for an outdoor fridge or sink.

Your outdoor kitchen should be built from quality materials and be installed by professionals. This way it won’t seem like an afterthought, but a functional, natural component of your outdoor living space. By considering your needs we can ensure that you get the outdoor kitchen that works for you

The sun is shining and your family and friends miss you! Get cooking today…outdoors!

Enjoy the Convenience of an Outdoor Bathroom

A parade to the bathroom can kill the vibe of a perfect evening. Gardeners also tire of taking their shoes off to visit the facilities. Instead of going inside to the bathroom, why not bring the bathroom outside to you? 

Your outdoor bathroom can be a stand-alone feature or part of a larger structure. Include an indoor or outdoor sink, or even a shower! Lean into a rustic design or give it a nice paint job. Your well-built bathroom will serve as both a functional time-saver and a charming design element. Don’t hold it in any longer, get started today! 

Warm Up Next to an Outdoor Fireplace

Ever since humans discovered fire we’ve been enjoying the light and warmth it provides. 

Your outdoor fireplace or fire pit can be of the gas or wood-burning variety and can take on a rustic or modern look. Interlocking stone and other quality materials will make your fireplace an attractive component of your yard’s design. A fireplace mantel also provides a nice touch. 

Your firepit will serve as a central entertainment hub, allowing you to extend your summer evenings well into the night and create endearing memories. Let the storytelling and marshmallow roasting begin! 

Extend Your Living Space with a Cabana, Pergola, or Pavilion 

Protect yourself from Canada’s infamous elements with a cabana, pergola, or pavilion. 

These classic features add style, value, and natural beauty to your home while providing shade and coverage. Building in an outdoor bar or plant holder adds to the appeal and function.

What type of roof should you include? What type of walls and how many? Just what is the difference between a cabana, pavilion, and pergola anyways? What about sheds, gazebos or porches? Relax, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today and we’ll find an option that suits your wants and needs

When it comes to your outdoor living space, if you like it then you oughta put a roof on it!

A pergola, pavilion, or cabana brings natural beauty and function to your outdoor space

Benefits of Optimizing Your Outdoor Living Space!

Optimizing your outdoor space is truly a way to increase the enjoyment you get from your property. Spending time outside allows us to connect with family and friends and provides us with a general feeling of well-being. 

Not only will your outdoor space increase your quality of life, but also the value of your home. An under-utilized yard is really a missed opportunity. Optimization is a no-brainer!

Davel has an excellent reputation for quality work both inside and outside the house. Our portfolio showcases the projects we’ve completed for our many satisfied customers. All of our work is done with high-quality materials and an eye for craftsmanship. 

Our 3D design process allows you to get a true feel for the way your yard will look and feel before we get started. This ensures that you’ll get the outdoor design that works best for you. 

Transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor oasis and enjoy your home to the fullest.