5 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Written by Davel Construction On September 4, 2014
5 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Bathroom Space - featured image

Let’s face it: not every washroom is created equally. For every on-suite master bathroom with enough room for a Jacuzzi and two sinks, there’s a tiny powder room with a medicine cabinet that refuses to let the shower door open fully. When working with smaller rooms, it’s crucial to do everything you can to get the most use out of your space. Here are some tricks you can use to make any small washroom feel larger.

1) Corner Sink

Corner sinks stay out of your way and give the room a much more open feel. Standalone sinks on a pedestal take up much more space than they need to, so get a model that slides conveniently into a corner across from your toilet.

2) Shower Curtains

Shower doors can be major obstructions in a smaller space, especially if they swing open rather than sliding. Using shower curtains instead is an easy, efficient fix that can add character to your washroom. If you have a shower and tub combo, you can even consider using a glass panel as a stylish substitute for a shower door.

3) Shelving Space

Shelves are a great way to add extra storage to a small space. Put a shallow ledge over the toilet to make use of traditionally unused wall space. Whether you fill this shelf up with decorations, plants, or bathroom essentials, it will make a perfect addition to the room.

4) Large Mirrors

Mirrors are a classic way to make any space look bigger. Using a wider mirror in your washroom not only looks good, but can also be more efficient by allowing multiple people to make use of the mirror at once.

5) Towel Storage

Installing a towel rack on the back of the washroom door or even the shower door is an awesome way to hang up your towels without taking up precious wall space. If your vanity has one large shelf rather than small cabinet shelves, you can also use this space to fold up your clean towels and store them conveniently.

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