7 Top Home Improvement Trends in 2021 that Will Inspire You When Renovating

Written by Davel Construction On October 19, 2021

modern white interior living room and kitchen

Are you finding it is hard to get excited about your home renovation projects? If you’ve been spending more time at home than normal, you may be especially ready to dig into home improvements. We have collected seven of the top home improvement trends in 2021 to get you excited about how your home could look. 

1. Splitting the Bath and Shower 

For a long time, developers have combined baths and showers to save space. But, home renovators are bucking the trend, splitting their shower and bath if they have the room. After all, you may want very different things from both your shower and bath experiences. Throw in a fancy tub next to your all-glass shower enclosure. 

2. Vinyl Flooring 

We are seeing people move away from wooden flooring to embrace vinyl flooring. If the kids are doing school from home or you’re working from home, you’ve probably seen an uptick in spills, scratches, and general wear and tear on your flooring. New trends are favouring vinyl to meet this increased need for durable and waterproof flooring. It can still look just like hardwood!  

3. Wallpaper and Bright Colours 

Patterns, in wallpaper, and brighter shades of paint are coming back for 2021. Forget your neutral beige walls and add in something interesting, like a gem blue or a forest green. Adding interesting patterns is a big home office design trend in 2021, because the office is such a small space that it won’t cost an excessive amount to change it up if you find the colour is too much. 

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4. Wood Paneled Walls 

Previously, the wood panel look was thought of as vintage and sometimes a little claustrophobic. But inspired designers have made wood panels look bright and modern, making it a leading living room design trend. Add wooden panels painted white, or a light neutral, to hedge your bets.   

5. Soundproofing 

Again, driven by the trend of more people working at home and learning at home, renovators are investing in soundproofing for their spaces. As with many interior design trends, you might add this to a number of different rooms. You might soundproof the bedroom so that shift workers don’t hear the kids learning in the living room. Or, soundproof the office to make your Zoom calls less disruptive. 

6. Garage Remodels 

Most homeowners are in need of more space. If you need to add an office, an in-law suite, or a playroom, the garage might be a good option. Even if what you have planned wouldn’t work very well in a garage, you can move a space currently in your home into the garage (like the laundry room) and then use that vacated space for other purposes. Although, do keep in mind that a garage remodel is a lot of work. 

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