8 Kitchen Design Tips for a Successful Renovation

Written by Davel Construction On November 1, 2022
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The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where we prepare food, gather, and entertain. Renovations can supercharge your kitchen, but only if they’re carefully planned. Follow these eight design tips and you’ll soon be enjoying the kitchen of your dreams.

Plan Ahead for Best Results

Before you begin your kitchen renovation, think big-picture!

Brainstorm a list of things that your ideal kitchen would include, then priority-rank them. Think broadly at first, then separate the wants from the needs.

Consider your renovation budget. This will be helpful when you start turning your ideas into concrete plans. You don’t want to run out of money midway through the project.

Consult with a professional who can help you put together a solid plan. They’ll also help you understand which steps should be taken first and what can come later.

Make Life Easy with a Great Layout

Get a kitchen that works for you by selecting a smart layout.

Take note of your workflow and the ways in which you use your kitchen. If you have a breakfast nook, it makes sense to store breakfast ware nearby. Tupperware and tin foil should be near your working area. By considering these design elements now, you’ll optimize your usage of the kitchen for years to come.

Davel Construction’s innovative 3D design process actually allows you to experience the way that your kitchen will feel before your kitchen renovation even begins.

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Choose Your Appliances Now, Thank Yourself Later

Selecting your appliances early in the renovation process will ensure that disappointment is avoided later on.

When the dimensions of your appliances are known upfront, cabinets, countertops, and other aspects of your kitchen design can be planned accordingly. If, on the other hand, you select your appliances last, you may find yourself hamstrung by space constraints. This will force you to settle for appliances that fit, compromising your dream kitchen. Avoid this scenario by planning ahead.

Embrace the Future by Make Your Kitchen Remodel High Tech

Maximize convenience, energy efficiency, and ‘wow factor’ with a high-tech, modern kitchen.

Smart cooktops heat only the surface you need while making cleaning a breeze. One-touch faucets minimize the spread of bacteria and germs. High-efficiency dishwashers cut down on water usage- and noise!

There’s no shortage of new kitchen technology that will excite chefs and impress guests, so do your research.

Have a Good Storage Game Plan and Avoid Breaking Your Back

Cabinets, drawers, cupboards, open shelves, and Lazy Susans are your tools in the fight against kitchen clutter.

Utilizing the space you have will allow you to maximize your efficiency. Once again, it pays to consider your workflow and organize your cabinetry accordingly. Island space can be key.

By making storage a priority, you’ll save yourself both headaches and backaches. Everybody wins except your chiropractor!

Pick ONE Focal Point for the Best Visual Appeal 

There are many ways to make a statement with your kitchen renovation. Countertops, tiles, range hoods, cabinets, or a well-chosen backsplash all have eye-catching capabilities.

It’s possible, however, to have too much of a good thing. Make a colourful statement with one aspect of your kitchen remodel while taking a softer, more subtle approach with the rest. The result will be a classy look that avoids overkill.

On the other hand, you’re the boss. If eclectic is your aesthetic of choice, go nuts! It’s your kitchen, so you make the rules!

Use Quality Lighting and Faucets to Add Class to Your Kitchen

Choosing the right lighting and faucets is a great way to give your kitchen remodel an elegant feel. There are attractive options at a range of different price points, so set aside some time for browsing.

When selecting lighting options there are a few things to consider. The fixtures themselves will be a physical part of your kitchen, so you should choose options that are visually appealing.

Also, consider how these lights will illuminate your kitchen’s other features and spaces. This will go a long way toward guiding the eyes and setting the mood.  

Hire a Professional Contractor for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Davel Construction has built a reputation for quality interior and exterior renovations in the Georgetown area. Our years of experience will provide you with peace of mind, and our kitchen renovations will add value to your home. (We also do outdoor kitchens.)

We are experts in both design and construction, and our staff have a strong understanding of what’s practical and stylish. At the same time, we prioritize your happiness, ensuring that you receive the kitchen of your dreams.

To get a free consultation and learn more about the 3D design process, contact Davel Construction today.