9 Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Transform and Amaze

Written by Davel Construction On December 1, 2022
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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. We all spend time there, so why not incorporate some bathroom design ideas to increase the room’s comfort and visual appeal? The following bathroom renovation tips will elevate your powder room as well as the resale value of your home.

Start Your Bathroom Remodel Off Right by Choosing the Right Colors and Materials

Tiles and countertops come in a host of different materials and designs, including natural stone, ceramic, and linoleum. Each has its own pros and cons. Budget, durability, traction, and ease of cleaning are all considerations, so it’s important to choose carefully.

Your bathroom design ideas should be cohesive, so choosing a colour pallet is a great first step. An accent wall makes a great focal point. Other design elements including paint, and even towels, factor in.

Most homeowners will prefer a relaxing colour palette and may turn to a colour wheel for inspiration, while others rely upon their own instincts.

Make a Splash with Sinks and Faucets

Choosing the right sink will go a long way toward making your bathroom renovation a success. Drop-in sinks are easy to install but difficult to clean up around. Undermount sinks are tidier but more challenging to install. Vessel sinks, pedestal sinks, vanity tops and farmhouse sinks are all good options, depending on your space, budget, and desired aesthetic.

A nice faucet can also add pizzazz to your powder room. Copper, brass, or chrome are good choices, while touchless faucets are not only convenient but sanitary.

Consider the type of sinks and faucets you want in your next bathroom renovation

Light Up Your Bathroom Renovations

A proper bathroom renovation needs a good lighting strategy. This means carefully considering the light fixtures themselves, as well as their placement.

Ceiling-mounted fixtures such as chandeliers or pendant lights add class, as do wall sconces and flush mounts. Accent lights are a great way to spotlight a feature. When placed on either side of a mirror they can illuminate the room’s most attractive feature of all: you!

Davel’s innovative 3D process is a great way to envision your bathroom’s lighting before beginning your bathroom remodel.

Relax and Clean Up With an Upgraded Shower or Tub

A nice walk-in shower will make you feel like you’re at a hotel or spa every day. Choosing attractive tiling, stone, or glass panelling makes a big difference.

Spray head options abound, including rain shower or overhead models. For a unique experience, consider vertical rows of wall-mounted shower heads.

A shower bench is a great place to relax, but a tub is even better (particularly if it has jets). No aspect of your bathroom renovation will feel more palatial than a nice bathtub. Some are absolute works of art and can provide a stunning natural focal point.

Consider luxury bathtub features in your next bathroom renovation

Add Fashion and Function to Your Bathroom Design with Cabinetry

Well-constructed cabinetry not only looks great in your bathroom, but also provides storage space for toiletries, towels, and anything else that might need a home. Single and double-sink vanities, custom storage hutches, and wall-mounted cabinets are all great options. These can be purchased or designed, with aesthetics ranging from contemporary to vintage.

Perk Up Your Bathroom Renovation with Some Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

While some prefer a simple bathroom design, others believe the sky is the limit. In-floor heating will make your feet happy during wintertime. Digital wall-mounted interfaces will bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

Installing a TV and sound system will allow you to combine movie night with bath night. Some bathroom renovation projects even include the installation of a fireplace.

Don’t Forget To Include a Toilet in Your Bathroom Renovations

No bathroom is complete without a toilet. The toilet shouldn’t be the focal point, but that doesn’t mean it should be selected haphazardly. Modern toilet innovations aim to create ergonomic conditions that better facilitate taking care of business. Water usage is another concern. Many people swear by bidets.

If you want your bathroom design ideas to be fit for a king or queen, don’t overlook the throne!

Maximize Your Bathroom Layout

Of course, all bathroom renovation ideas will have to fit within the parameters of the available space. While tighter rooms will provide constraints, creativity still goes a long way. Avoiding clutter is a good idea.

Plumbing and electrical realities will also play a role. A bathroom with several ‘wet walls’ (moisture resistant and capable of housing plumbing) will provide more flexibility than a bathroom with a single wet wall. Walls can be retrofitted, of course, but this comes with additional effort and expenses.

In order to experience your bathroom model before it begins, utilize Davel’s innovative 3D design process.

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Be Inclusive with an Accessible Bathroom Design

There are many design ideas that can be used to make your bathroom more accessible. Wide door frames allow for wheelchair entry. Lower light switches, controls, and sinks are more easily accessed. Grab bars are essential, as are curbless showers. Speak with a professional who can elaborate on these ideas and create a bathroom that meets your needs.

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