Backyard Renovations That Will Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

Written by Davel Construction On March 6, 2015

Spring is almost upon us again and that means that it’s time for a fresh start for you and your home. While clearing out the old junk from your garage usually comes to mind when you think about spring-cleaning, you should also consider giving your backyard a facelift. A backyard renovation can be a fantastic way to breathe new life into your home and create a beautiful space to spend time in during the warmer months, while also adding value to your property.

Get your home ready for the summer with one of these wonderful backyard renovation ideas.

Install A New Stone Patio

Patios are an excellent way to create a new space for entertaining in your backyard and also function as somewhere private to get away and relax. You’ll definitely make use of your patio and it’ll also add value to your home since they’re an attractive feature for any potential homebuyer. If you’re looking for a low maintenance and durable investment for your backyard, a well-constructed stone patio is one of your best bets.

Interlocking stone is a fantastic choice for a backyard patio, bringing together function and visual appeal to create a new look for your home.

Upgrade The Stonework Around Your Pool

There are few things more refreshing than having your own pool in your backyard – except for newly updated stonework! Make your pool shine by having the space surrounding it redesigned to better accommodate your lifestyle. You can even switch out your current paving for material that is easier on the feet or for materials that are slip-resistant as an added safety measure.

Over time, you might’ve found that you use your pool differently than you initially planned. Better integrate your pool into your family’s life by giving it the look that you want.

Create Stone Steps

Take your backyard to a new level – literally! Whether your landscape is uneven or you just want to create an interesting new area for your family and friends to enjoy, stone steps are a great way to update your backyard and make it look more modern. Stone steps accented by soft exterior lighting can draw people into your backyard and help transform previously unused sections of your land into exciting new spaces. These steps can be created from a variety of different materials and customized to suit your vision.

Impress Your Friends With A Water Feature

This one is definitely one of the most exciting backyard renovations. A water feature can give your home a sense of elegance and luxury. Whether you choose a fountain, waterfall, or any of the many other options, water features can create interesting backyard fixtures that will be a source of both conversation and envy for years to come. If you’re looking for a way to turn your backyard into your own personal paradise, then this is definitely the route that you should take.

Relax With A Pergola

Pergolas are by far one of the trendiest and most interesting backyard renovations available. These intricate wooden structures create spaces that are equally suited for late night drinks, family dinners, and lounging in the sun all weekend. Pergolas can be constructed in tandem with patios or decks, giving your backyard another reason to be the talk of all your friends. The next time you’re thinking about hanging out outside – imagine how much better it would be under the shade of your very own pergola!

Entertain With An Outdoor Fireplace

That’s right – roasting marshmallows over an open fire isn’t just for camping anymore! You can have the comfort of a roaring fire all to yourself by investing in a brand new outdoor stone fireplace. Besides being a beautiful fixture for any backyard, these fireplaces will up your home’s value and transform your backyard into a hotspot (pun fully intended). Your friends and family will be begging to come over and hang out around your outdoor fireplace every night – and we don’t blame them. Outdoor fireplaces are a worthwhile investment that looks fantastic too.

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