Beat the Heat with 6 Smart Landscaping Tips for Summer

Written by Davel Construction On August 1, 2023
Outdoor Space Landscaping Tips for Summer - featured image

Your outdoor living space is one of the keys to enjoying a Canadian summer, but when high temps kick in, you’ll need a good strategy to beat the heat.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss six great strategies for summer-proofing your outdoor space and enjoying summer before it’s gone.

The Importance of Summer Landscape Design

Landscaping ideas are often overlooked when we consider ways to stay cool during hot weather conditions, but they shouldn’t be. Setting up your yard for success can reduce energy costs and promote environmental sustainability.

It can also improve your home’s curb appeal, create a great first impression, and increase your resale value.

Last, but not least, it can ensure that your backyard is a great place to relax and unwind during our fleeting summer season (after all, the winter months are on the way).

Tip 1: Optimize Shade and Boost Curb Appeal with Trees and Pergolas

Take some landscape design inspiration from nature and plant some trees in your backyard. The natural shade they provide will be a welcome relief on a hot Saturday afternoon. If they’re placed correctly, they’ll cool your house as well, adding a layer of protection against the harshest summer elements.

The Amur Maple is low-maintenance and grows relatively fast. The same can be said of the Eastern White Pine or the Red Maple. Visit a garden store or do some research to determine what the most practical choice is in your area.

Trees, of course, take time. For a more instant solution consider a pavilion, gazebo, pergola, or cabana. You’ll have it made in the shade in no time!

Trees for some relief inducing shade in your outdoor space
Get shady with some relief-inducing trees in your yard. For maximum effect, position a seating area nearby.

Tip 2: Create a Water Wise Landscape Design for Your Yard

If heat is in abundance and water is in short supply, you’ll be glad that you took some precautionary steps to drought-proof your yard.

Install an Efficient Irrigation System

While it may seem counterintuitive, an irrigation system can actually promote water efficiency if it delivers even coverage, directly to the root zone. When setting your watering schedules, be sure to consider local regulations that may be in effect.

Choose Drought-Tolerant Plants

It’s not just you that needs a good drink of water during the summer, but your plants, flowers, and shrubs as well. Some are more thirsty than others, so plan carefully when populating your yard and garden. Succulents, lavender, and Russian Sage are just a few good options. Consider your soil type and local climate when choosing.

Soil Preparation and Mulching

Proper soil preparation can include loosening and levelling the soil, adding organic matter and amendments, or adjusting the PH. This can improve drainage, increase available nutrients, and aid root development while decreasing plant stress and disease.

Mulching is a great option that aids in moisture retention, weed suppression, and soil erosion control. Consider these options to help with lawn care and lower your monthly water bill.

Tip 3: Design with Functional Hardscaping Features

It’s not just nature that makes your backyard a thing of beauty but properly maintained hardscaping features as well. Patios, walkways, outdoor seating areas, pools, and outdoor kitchens turn your outdoor space into an event space that’ll take your summer to the next level.

For best results, plan these hardscaping items in accordance with the natural features of your property. A 3D design system can help you see the results of planned renovations before you even begin.

Wood Pergolas add to your backyard enjoyment
Pergolas, pavilions, and other hardscaping features add to your backyard enjoyment.

Tip 4: Install Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights can help you extend those hot summer days well into those slightly less hot summer nights. While the main benefit of outdoor lighting is illumination, it doesn’t end there. Properly positioned accent lighting will help you highlight your trees, bushes, walkways, and architectural features.

As a bonus, lights will provide safety, both by preventing tripping and deterring crime.

Be sure to choose energy-efficient lighting options such as LED fixtures.

Tip 5: Create Outdoor Cooling Zones in Your Back or Front Yard

When life gets just so hot, it’s time to take cooldown efforts to the next level. Outdoor misting systems spray a fine mist into the air through strategically placed nozzles or misting heads. They come in a range of sizes and price points, making them affordable to the average homeowner. The same can be said of outdoor fans or shade sails, which can also provide sweet relief from the sun’s beautiful but merciless rays.

Tip 6: Incorporate Water Features Into Your Outdoor Space

Improve your home’s curb appeal with some beautiful water features. A swimming pool offers instant relief from the heat and proves to be a hit with friends and family. Landscapes that aren’t suitable for a swimming pool may benefit from ponds, fountains, or waterfalls, all of which provide beauty and calm to your life.

Davel believes in the importance of relaxation, beauty, family, and friends. We believe that a properly cared-for yard can provide the perfect setting for each of these things. That’s why we’ve been beautifying homes, both indoors and out, for years!

Contact Davel today for a free consultation and we’ll help you beat the heat and enjoy your outdoor space in comfort. We’ll even show you the end result ahead of time with our 3D design system, so you’ll know just how your yard is going to look before getting started.

Are you ready to own summer?

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