Choosing a Pergola that Fits Your Life

Written by Davel Construction On June 10, 2014
Choosing a Pergola that Fits Your Life - featured image

A functional backyard feature ideal for summer entertaining, the pergola is easily one of the most eye-pleasing trends in backyard renovations. Before you dive into sunny days and relaxing nights under the shade of your new pergola, you need to look into all the options to customize your pergola so that it suits your lifestyle and the conditions of your property. We’ve put together a straightforward guide to get you familiarized with the many styles of this great new addition to your backyard so that you can make a smart decision for barbecue season.

Advantages of a Pergola

Pergolas are a series of posts supporting beams and an overhead lattice system. Vined plants are often grown along the pergola’s beams and lattices to create a structure seamlessly integrated with the green space in your yard. Pergolas can be made from wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or metal and are sometimes attached to the home, but often stand alone.

By seamlessly integrating a pergola into your backyard’s green space, you can create a multifaceted space that is as beautiful as it is functional. Pergolas can be augmented with the addition of other elements such as arbors, trellises, and gazebos to enhance their presence in your backyard.

Arbors are wooden archways that can divide your backyard and create new spaces. These can be affixed with trellises which are decorative lattices that provide a surface for the growth of vines and other plant life. Trellises can be used to add a welcoming tone to your arbor and draw people into the shade of your pergola. Gazebos are a more commonplace backyard structure consisting of a roofed space set on a raised floor.

Pergola Styles

Pergolas are available in a variety of styles and these many different ideas can be combined to create a unique structure, designed to fit into the framework of your life and yard.


This style of pergola typically utilizes clean lines and a symmetrical aesthetic lined with either hybrid tea roses or rambling roses. They are elegantly designed wooden structures which are usually accented with dirt and stone pathways.


Contemporary pergolas are normally simple and minimalist structures decorated with wrought iron shapes and canvas fabric. Pea gravel is a common choice when creating a pathway for this style of pergola.

Cottage Garden

This romantic style of pergola is designed to emulate a traditional cottage experience and uses complex lattices and intense vine coverage to establish an intimate space with cobblestone or brick walkways. Cottage Garden pergolas may incorporate small gardens with antique or curious decorations.


These pergolas are normally constructed from wood and other materials that show signs of wear to create a seasoned and authentic appearance. Rustic pergolas incorporate weathered metal elements into natural structures to invoke the idea of a traditional setting.


The modern style of pergola is characterized by a use of non-wooden materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, or metal with sheer or canvas coverings. These designs often use strong lines and abstract symmetry, in opposition with the stylistic composition of rustic or traditional structures.

Still, need help deciding which style of pergola is right for you? Let us know how we can help you.