Designing Your New Kitchen Countertop

Written by Davel Construction On July 10, 2014

shutterstock_72436111Countertops are easily one of the most prominent features of any modern kitchen design and making an informed choice for your project can be difficult and requires careful consideration. There are many different materials available and their presence can make or break a kitchen renovation by defining the space and determining the visual tone of the room.

When it comes to countertops, their visual appeal is not the only element that you should think about. Maintenance will play an important part in the daily experience of your counter. Determine how much of a time commitment you feel comfortable making to the care of your countertop and let that help guide your decision. Some materials such as granite, marble, and concrete require regular upkeep including resealing every few months. Other materials like stainless steel, quarts, and laminate require relatively low maintenance and are easier to integrate into a busy lifestyle.

When picking out a countertop, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that you will probably be using your countertop on a regular basis for food prep, storage, and other daily activities. The durability of the material that you choose for your countertop is another key consideration to account for in the design process. Countertops composed of acrylics/polyester and granite are able to withstand heavy use over a long period of time. Other materials, like marble, can be easily damaged.

However, let’s not neglect the visual appeal of a countertop. Once you’ve made the proper considerations for the other elements of your counters, be sure to choose a material that fits in with the style and theme of your kitchen. As important as it is for your space to be functional, it must also be livable. There are a wide range of materials available for modern countertops:

  • Granite

o   Every piece features a unique look with natural colours and patterns. Very durable, but must be sealed regularly to prevent staining. Extremely heavy.

  • Solid Surfacing

o   A low maintenance choice composed of acrylic and polyester. Can be damaged easily, but is also easily repaired. Lots of options for colour and patterns.

  • Quartz

o   Extremely low maintenance material that is available in a wide variety of styles. Can sometimes appear artificial.

  • Marble

o   Elegant and stylish, but can be easily damaged.

  • Tile

o   Stain and damage resistant. Surface can be uneven and unsealed grout can lead to staining and bacterial growth.

  • Laminate

o   Low maintenance and easy to clean, but easily damaged and difficult to repair.

  • Soapstone

o   Visually appealing and requires some maintenance, but can be damaged and sometimes damages glassware.

  • Stainless Steel

o   Extremely durable, but must be cleaned regularly to avoid fingerprints. Very expensive.

  • Concrete

o   Customizable and durable, but very heavy and susceptible to staining.

  • Butcher Block

o   Visually appealing, but easily damaged. Requires constant care and maintenance.

  • Paper Composite

o   Similar in appearance to laminate or surfacing. Can be damaged and requires some care.

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