Feature Wall Ideas for Bedrooms, Bathrooms and More

Written by Davel Construction On October 1, 2020

Rooms that feel empty, incomplete, or out of date could use a fresh feature wall to add interest and style. Any room, from the bathroom to the bedroom, can use an accent wall. But depending on the use of the room, and the style you’re going for, you’ll want something different for each space. Here’s a starting point to help you generate ideas for feature walls in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and much more. 

Feature Walls for Bedrooms 

Bedrooms are tranquil places that are supposed to relax and restore you. The style in bedrooms is also often very personal, so your choice of feature wall should reflect your personal style. Here are some materials you could use for your wall that are versatile enough that they can likely match the style you want: 

  • Fabrics: If your bedroom is all about softness, adding a fabric feature wall is a great idea. Consider one large fabric that contrasts the bedspread. Or, consider a patchwork of different fabrics to add even more interest.   
  • Wood: Is your room too modern and sterile? Wood adds warmth and character.   
  • Stone: Natural stone is perfect to add texture that balances smooth sheets and flooring in bedrooms.   

Feature Walls for Bathrooms 

Bathrooms are still personal spaces, but they are smaller than bedrooms. You don’t want to overwhelm a small space with a feature wall that is too intricate. Consider these materials: 

  • Stone: Elegant bathroom water features go well with natural stone.   
  • Tile: Choose a tile that is dramatically different from your fixtures to maximize contrast. 

Feature Wall for Other Rooms 

Here are some great ideas for the other rooms in your home: 

  • Display walls: You might want to use your feature wall to feature some of the treasured things in your life. This is an especially great option for the living room or kitchen. Consider displaying your china, family photos, travel souvenirs, or other treasured items. 
  • Stone: great choice for kitchens and living rooms because it brings in the feeling of old lofts, an industrial style, or even cottage feeling, depending on the stone. 

Let Your Style Guide Your Feature Wall 

These are just ideas. Ultimately, your personal style and home should guide what kind of feature wall you add to your home. We understand not being sure about your choice of a feature wall. If you need to know what it will look like before you commit, then work with us. We use 3D technology to show our clients exactly how their natural stone features will look in their space. However, we need to change it for you to be happy, we will. 

An accent wall adds character and style to any room, from the living room to the bedroom. If you are interested in having a natural stone accent wall installed in your home contact us today.