How Outdoor Lighting Can Brighten Up Your Home

Written by Davel Construction On April 15, 2015
home with interlock patio and exterior lighting

Do you want to impress your friends when they pull up to your home? Are you looking for a way to breathe new life into your backyard? Well, it sounds like you should consider some outdoor lighting! Outdoor lighting can be a fantastic way to really let your home shine. When done properly, outdoor lighting can transform even the most beautiful of houses into showstoppers that will make your entire neighbourhood jealous.

Lighting will give your home a sense of luxury and really emphasize how much care you’ve put into its appearance. Additionally, it provides your family with an added level of safety and lets them easily navigate and enjoy your yard.

Ready to make some jaws drop? Think about how these different forms of outdoor lighting could turn your house into a home that you’ll be proud to show off:


Adding some light to your walkways can be a great way to welcome people into your home and guide them through your yard. You can even try lighting up a pathway in your backyard to direct people towards a patio or pergola. Walkway lighting also has the added bonus of making it easier to spend time outside and enjoy your backyard during the summer, since you’ll always be able to find your way through your backyard without stumbling around.


Just because it’s nighttime, doesn’t mean your guests shouldn’t be able to appreciate your gorgeous garden! Add some lights to your garden to give your flowers the spotlight that they deserve. With garden lighting, your house will look amazing at any time of day.


Nothing beats spending a summer night hanging out with your friends and family on your patio. Adding lighting to your patio can also give it the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night out with your partner. Have dinner and even drinks outside, right in your own backyard!


The perfect way to greet people at the entrance of your home is with a set of stone steps. Light up your steps to highlight the stonework and make a lasting impression. Your steps are one of the first things that people will notice when entering your home, so you really want to be able to pull them in and make them feel comfortable with soft lighting.


Highlight the features of your home that you love the most with underlighting! If you love the shape of your windows or an archway then add accents with some soft lighting that will really make them pop. You should be proud of your home’s architecture – don’t be afraid to give it some time in the spotlight! This will massively increase your home’s curb appeal and make your house the talk of the neighbourhood. Even at night, your house will stand out from the crowd.


Do you have a beautiful tree in your front yard? A large tree in front of your home is also perfect to be lit up with underlighting – it’s an impressive feature that can give your house an almost magical or cinematic quality. During the holidays, you can even switch out your bulbs with coloured ones to give your home a festive splash of colour.


If you’ve ever tried to find a friend’s home at night, then you know about the benefits of a lit address. Cast some light onto your address with a spotlight and give your friends a helping hand.

Pool Surrounds

If you’ve decided to upgrade your backyard with an outdoor pool, then you’ll definitely want to make sure that it’s easy to navigate around during the nighttime. Add some hardscape lighting to illuminate the area around your pool and enjoy your space without worrying about getting a little wet!

Outdoor Barbecue

After investing in an outdoor barbecue, you’ll definitely want to be able to use it after the sun goes down. Grill up some burgers and kebabs after the sun goes down by adding some hardscape lighting to your barbecue area! This will also transform it into a great social area, so that you don’t have to cook all by yourself.

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