How to Attach a Mantel to a Brick Fireplace

Written by Davel Construction On November 5, 2020
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One of the latest trends in fireplaces is mixing materials. The result is a more interesting, dynamic fireplace that earns its spot as the center of your home. To get this trend for your own home you may want to attach a wooden mantel, or a floating mantel, to a preexisting brick fireplace you have. You can do this as a DIY project, or you can call in a professional to get the job done for you. Here are instructions for the DIY project, and things to consider if you want to get a professional’s help instead.

How to Attach a Mantel to a Brick Fireplace

There are two general strategies for making a floating wood mantel for your brick fireplace. You can either have a solid wood mantel, finished the way you want, and use rods to mount it to the fireplace, or you can make an empty wood mantel that fits over a wooden frame, which you can then mount to the fireplace.

If you’re confident in your woodworking skills, the hollow box may be a better method for you. If you’re confident drilling into masonry, then the solid mantel method will be best for you. Both will also give a different look—with the solid looking more natural and less constructed.

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Here’s a quick overview of both methods:

  • Create your mantel: Build your empty mantel and the wooden structure to support it. Or, finish your solid mantel as you wish.
  • Measure: Measure out where your mantel should go, and where its frame or metal rods should be placed to support it. Ideally, you’ll have three supports into the fireplace on which to mount the frame or mantel. They should be embedded into the masonry at least a half-inch.
  • Drill: Once you’re sure of your placement, drill holes into the masonry for the frame, or the metal rods. In the solid method, you’ll also have to drill holes into the back of the mantel for the rods to fit into.
  • Secure: For the solid method, you’ll secure the connection between the rods, masonry, and mantel with an adhesive. Squeeze a moderate amount into each hole, and then place the rods and mantel. Hammer it in for security.
  • Place: For the frame method, you can either add screws to keep your mantel on the wooden frame or, if you are confident it fits snugly, simply slip the mantel over the frame. Hammer it in for security if you are not using nails.

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Want Professional Help with Your New Mantel?

Those who don’t have the woodworking or masonry skills necessary to complete this DIY project, at least not in a timely manner, can always get the pros to do it instead.

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