How to Design Landscape Lighting

Written by Davel Construction On May 22, 2020
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When you are thinking of ways to enhance your outdoor spaces, consider adding creative landscape lighting to boost the overall aesthetic and function of the yard. Not only does landscape lighting help you and your guests get around more easily at night, but it can also highlight other aspects of your landscaping and will ultimately boost your property value. 

When figuring out how to design landscape lighting, think of the features in your yard that you’d love to see illuminated at night. It could be special features you’ve added, something natural that you want to accentuate at night or some part that doesn’t really stand out during the day.   

Highlighting Outdoor Features 

When you use landscape lighting at the base of an outdoor feature like a gazebo, trellis, statue, tree or even a portion of the house, it will draw attention and create instant appeal. You can strategically use landscape lights in this way to highlight certain areas you are particularly proud of. 

Lining Walkways 

Walkways and pathways are great places to add landscape lighting. This not only looks great, but it also lights the way for anyone walking around at night. For these lights, it’s good to angle them downward slightly to avoid glare for people walking along the path. 


When you place landscape lighting behind a feature, it creates a dramatic effect known as silhouetting. When a spotlight is placed behind the feature in just the right position and aimed at a fence or wall behind it, the object you chose will be silhouetted beautifully. This takes a professional eye and some experience, but the results are well worth it. 

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Up Lighting and Down Lighting 

With down-lighting, you can use landscape lighting to create a glow that is similar to natural moonlight. This is accomplished by positioning lights up high inside trees on your property and shining them downward at just the right angle. Conversely, you can place lights near the ground and shine the line upward from below to create a shadow or wash effect. Up-lighting is also great for creating varying depths within a wall or an object for a majestic appearance.   

Water Features on Your Property 

Whether you have a pool, fountain, pond, spa or a combination of all of them, landscape lighting can really take these features to the next level. You can have lights placed around the feature, behind it or right in the water from below. 

For safety reasons and to ensure you get the best possible effect, it’s important to only trust a professional when it comes time to implement your landscape lighting designs. The idea is to boost the aesthetic appeal and value of your property, so thinking of it as an investment is the best way to go. 

You have the beautiful landscape, now add the outdoor lighting that can enhance your space day and night. The experts at Davel Construction Inc. will help you achieve the outdoor oasis of your dreams with the correct exterior lighting features. Contact us today.