How to Fix Sinking Pavers

Written by Davel Construction On August 4, 2021

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Are you watching your patio pavers start to sink? Over time, pavers naturally begin to sink from pressure on top and the softness of soil beneath them. The problem is, this leaves an uneven surface that can create a tripping hazard. Water might collect in the dip, wearing down the stone. Plus, sinking patio pavers don’t look all that great. Here is how to fix sinking pavers and how to keep patio pavers from sinking in the first place.

Collect Your Tools

Before you start, you’ll need sand to fill in beneath the paver, a mallet, a soft bristle brush, and a flathead screwdriver.

Remove the Pavers 

Your first step will be to remove all of the sunken pavers. We suggest that you gently pry them up using the flathead screwdriver. Be careful not to damage them, or the pavers surrounding them. If they feel stuck, you can gently strike the pavers around them with a mallet. This pressure can help pop them up. Just be sure not to damage them, and not to strike with the mallet while using the screwdriver.

Clean the Pavers

The pavers likely have dirt and other debris stuck to their sides and back. To make sure they fit in neatly later, it is wise to brush off the dirt. A soft bristle brush should do the trick, but you can upgrade to something harder if not. Again, just be sure not to damage the stone.

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Level the Ground

What you should have left on the ground is an obviously sunken area. You need to level this out using the sand. You may find that you need to lift more of the paver than expected to truly level out the whole space.

Pour down the sand and level it out with a rake. Then, run over the area with a straight edge to pick up any excess sand. You can use a long board of wood to accomplish this, assuming the board is relatively straight. Or, you can buy a screed board, especially for this purpose. These boards are made to be completely straight.

Check to ensure that the pavers will be the right height when you lay them down. Place a missing paver and use the screeding board to estimate. Keep in mind that the paver will sink a bit after you tap them with the mallet.

Replace the Pavers

Now you can place the pavers back onto the ground. Tap each with the mallet gently to secure them. You may now need to add the sand back into the crevices between the pavers. This will prevent weed growth and keep the pavers stable.

How Do You Prevent Sinking Pavers?

Unfortunately, a lot of sunken pavers came about through natural shifts in the ground or long-term use. However, if your pavers sunk because you placed something heavy on them, you can avoid that moving forward.

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