The Key to Long-Lasting Design

Written by Davel Construction On August 7, 2014
The Key to Long Lasting Design - featured image

Renovations can be a big investment, so it’s important that you go with a design that will be relevant for a long time. It can be tempting to follow popular design trends, but you easily run the risk of having a kitchen or bathroom with a dated appearance in just a few years. However, some trends do have a classic appeal and will hold onto their value. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top design trends that can keep your home relevant and attractive to both yourself and future buyers.

Clean Design

For kitchen and bathroom remodels, it’s important to go with simple and clean fixtures that will remain stylish over ornate and decorative ones that can appear alienating in the future. Not only will this look be minimalist and pleasing for the time being, but it is easier to redesign once you’re in need of a future update. By committing too much to contemporary designs, you run the risk of your room being tied too closely to a specific era of design, rather than the timeless look of minimalism.

Neutral Colour Schemes

Monotone palettes made up of black, white, and grey are trendy right now and with good reason: they’re ageless. These neutral colour schemes are always in vogue and never look dated. Use grey or white tiles in your bathroom for a simple look that can be augmented with colourful accessories. It’s much easier to switch out plants and decorations than to overhaul the entire room once other colours become popular. If you plan on selling your home, neutral colours are more appealing to potential buyers, allowing them to project their own lifestyle onto your house.


As it becomes more popular to live in a home for a long period of time, accessible design is becoming increasingly important. Outfit your bathroom with fixtures that promote safety and allow for older individuals to support themselves such as support bars cleverly worked into your design as towel racks. A shower without a threshold can make it much easier for people of various ages to enter and exit without risking losing their balance.


Environmentally friendly design is no flash-in-the-pan trend – it’s here to stay. More and more homeowners are investing in sustainable home features such as low-flow or dual-flush toilets that can help lower water costs and soften your impact on the environment.

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