Latest Home & Outdoor Lighting Trends in 2022

Written by Davel Construction On February 2, 2022
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The latest home lighting trends and outdoor lighting trends in 2022 may surprise you. You might think of lighting as only a practical aspect of design, whether inside or outside. But beyond offering safety they also provide ambiance and contribute to the overall look of the space. Lighting may be more or less important in your space, but trends can be inspiring either way. Here are the top lighting trends you should explore when planning either your inside or your outside spaces in 2022. 

1. Indoors: Modernized Chandeliers 

Who isn’t drawn to the old-world elegance of classy chandeliers? The problem for many people who want these loud lighting fixtures in their homes is that they do not go with the overall modern style of the house. And impressive chandeliers can really dominate a space. The solution is to modernize them, using more modern materials, keeping them in neutrals, and making them a little smaller. 

2. Outdoors: Recessed Lighting 

Just as recessed lighting is becoming less popular indoors, the same trend is picking up outdoors. It makes sense to want to disguise lighting in your hardscaping to keep the emphasis on the materials themselves, whether it’s beautiful wood or natural stone. You can recess outdoor lights in steps, fences, and other hard materials. Ideally, you’d do this during installation to make it easier, but lights can also be embedded in many materials after the fact. 

3. Indoors: Subtlety 

If you cringed at the thought of adding a modern chandelier to your space, you will be much happier with this dining room lighting trend: subtle before all else. Think smaller lighting fixtures or those that are thinner or made of more neutral materials. The whole idea behind this home lighting trend is to choose fixtures that will blend in with the other elements of your home, so other more impressive features can stand out. 

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4. Outdoors: Simpler Bulbs 

Whether they are strung from an umbrella, hung across a fence, or on a trellis, you’ll find that many outdoor lighting trends involve simple, round bulbs unadorned with other accents. This trend means that the focus is more on where you place the lights and how they accent or highlight the other elements of your landscaping. Focus on placing simple lights where they draw attention to your favourite features of your space. 

5. Indoors and Outdoors: Natural Materials 

The latest home lighting trends are all about natural materials that enhance the other natural elements of your space. Both inside and outside, wood is picking up as a major trend, playing off decks and wooden furniture. Move away from metals and materials with sheen and look for matte finished capitalizing on this trend. Natural fabrics, like cotton, may also have a place in some lighting, so long as their incorporation is safe. 

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