Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space Without Breaking the Bank

Written by Davel Construction On March 1, 2023
Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor projects are a great idea for those looking to make the most of their yards. By improving your outdoor space you’ll give yourself a place to relax and spend time with loved ones, while also elevating the value of your home. 

Unfortunately, many consider costs to be prohibitive. The good news is that you can improve your yard without breaking the bank. While some projects can indeed require a larger investment, others are quite affordable, particularly for those who are creative and hardworking. 

Let’s look at a few ways you can plan and complete your outdoor projects without going over budget, as well as some very affordable ideas for improving your yard this year. 

Picture of an outdoor fireplace that maximizes outdoor living space without breaking the bank
Maximize your summer and improve your life by taking on an affordable outdoor project.

Planning Your Outdoor Project

A goal without a plan is a wish, so let’s get some ideas together.

Assessing Your Outdoor Space and Identifying Areas for Improvement

Start by asking yourself some key questions. How much yard do you have? Is it level? Are there any obstacles such as trees or large boulders? What do you like about it already? What’s got to change? Don’t be discouraged! No matter the state of your yard (or bank account), it can be improved!

Setting a Budget and Determining Priorities

It’s important to determine your budget and conduct some research before you begin. If this is a project you can complete yourself, you’ll want to research and price the necessary materials. If it’s something that will require you to hire a contractor, articulate your ideas and ask for feedback and an estimate.
If costs are prohibitive consider breaking your wish list down into incremental yearly steps.

Researching Materials, Tools, and Techniques

Do-it-yourselfers rejoice as we live in the age of instant information. Countless instructional videos populate YouTube, so be sure to check out several for each task. Price-checking materials and tools are also easier than ever, thanks to online shopping.

Creating a Plan for Your Project

It’s time to prioritize your wish list. Which projects can you currently afford to take on? Elevate those you’d most like to enjoy this year! Remember to be practical with your ordering. For example, if you’re imagining a dining space on a patio, it makes sense to build the patio before assembling furniture. If you plan on completing the projects yourself, don’t forget to budget both money and time in order to avoid running out of either before completion.

Affordable Outdoor Project Ideas

It’s time to get some ideas flowing. Let’s take a look at a few outdoor projects you can complete on a budget.

Upcycling and Repurposing

Using old furniture for outdoor seating: if you find yourself remodelling your interior, consider repurposing your old furniture outside. Second-hand furniture can also be found online or at garage sales. 

Creating a vertical garden with recycled materials: homeowners create neat vertical gardens using all kinds of materials. Soda bottles, pots, ladders, and shoe organizers are just a few of the household items that can be utilized. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Outdoor Lighting

String lights or solar-powered lights illuminate your backyard, adding visibility and safety. Get creative with your lighting and utilize it to shape your yard and highlight your favourite features.

Landscaping Ideas You Can Start Today

Adding mulch and plants: adding mulch to your yard not only provides visual appeal but can control weeds and erosion. Plants are also an excellent way to beautify your yard. Getting started doesn’t need to be expensive.

Building a raised garden bed: raised garden beds drain well, prevent erosion, and are great for growing. Build them using box frames, wood, stone, bricks or other materials.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Building a firepit: outdoor firepits provide an excellent natural gathering spot, allowing you to extend those summer nights. Build your firepit using stones, bricks or other materials. Remember to prioritize safety. 

Creating an outdoor dining area: an outdoor meal with friends and family will become a favourite activity for those with a space to do so. Bargain hunters will be on the lookout for affordable furniture as well as outdoor-friendly fabrics and rugs. 

Those with the budget to do so can consider adding an outdoor kitchen or even an outdoor structure to protect themselves from the elements. Level up by adding a Bluetooth speaker for tunes, or even a television for big games or family movie nights.

Picture of utilizing an outdoor space to create a dining area
What’s better than a great meal with friends? A great meal with friends outdoors in your dining area.

Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Project Budget-Friendly

Without careful planning, costs can quickly spiral. Here’s how you can ensure that yours don’t.

Looking for sales and clearance items: as summer progresses outdoor furniture and other items often go on sale. Think ahead for next year and take advantage of these sales. 

Buying second-hand: Yard sales, garage sales, and online platforms like Kijiji and Marketplace are great spots to score deals on items that will help you beautify your yard. 

Reusing and repurposing materials: as we’ve discussed, household items that may seem like yesterday’s news can be used to improve your outdoor space today. Get creative.

Creating a prioritized list of expenses: it’s all about choices. If budget is an issue, take it one step at a time and stick with the plan. 

Time and money put towards outdoor projects are well spent. You’ll thank yourself all summer long. Meaningful improvements range from large-scale renovations to weekend DIY projects. 

If you need help making your outdoor dreams come true, Davel Construction is happy to provide it. Our innovative 3D design system allows you to visualize the results before work even begins.