8 Essential Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Patio

Written by Davel Construction On January 1, 2023

Enjoy your patio for years to come by following these 8 simple steps for winter patio maintenance. You’ll thank yourself this spring!

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9 Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Transform and Amaze

Written by Davel Construction On December 1, 2022

Enjoy a better bathroom by heeding the following bathroom design ideas. Don’t begin your bathroom renovation until you’ve considered these 9 factors.

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8 Kitchen Design Tips for a Successful Renovation

Written by Davel Construction On November 1, 2022

Get the kitchen you’ve always wanted by following these 8 design tips. Plan ahead for better results and fewer headaches. Your dream kitchen awaits.

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Adding Value to Your Home With Renovations

Written by Davel Construction On October 1, 2022

Home Improvements add value to your home, while also making it a better place to live. Find out which renovations provide an ROI and plan accordingly.

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Understand These Three Things & Excel at Interior Design

Written by Davel Construction On September 1, 2022

Improve your home and enhance your life by understanding these three key concepts about interior design. Make your home fit your life.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space & Love Your Life

Written by Davel Construction On August 1, 2022

Your outdoor living space is begging to be enjoyed. Take it to the next level and appreciate it to its full potential with these four awesome upgrades.

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6 Reasons to Take Advantage of 3D Designs

Written by Davel Construction On July 1, 2022

Our innovative 3D design process for interior renovations and exterior landscaping projects allow our customers to make more informed, confident decisions.

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9 Ways to Pick a Great Home Contractor

Written by Davel Construction On June 1, 2022

How do you know you’re choosing the right home renovations, landscaping, or remodeling contractor? Smart homeowners use these 9 strategies.

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Love Your Yard with 10 Spring Maintenance Tips

Written by Davel Construction On May 6, 2022

Summer’s coming! Show your yard some love, improve your curb appeal, and protect your home with these ten totally doable spring maintenance tips.

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Latest Home & Outdoor Lighting Trends in 2022

Written by Davel Construction On February 2, 2022

The latest home lighting trends and outdoor lighting trends in 2022 may surprise you. You might think of lighting as only a practical aspect of design, whether inside or outside. But beyond offering safety they also provide ambiance and contribute to the overall look of the space. Lighting may be more or less important in […]

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