Revamp Your Backyard: 8 Autumn Evening Oasis Concepts

Written by Davel Construction On September 1, 2023

Are you looking to make the most out of the autumn season? An outdoor oasis is a great way to utilize your backyard space and spend time outdoors long after summer’s peak.

The whole family will enjoy the backyard escape, so let’s get planning today with these 8 tips.

1. Create Your Own Warm Weather

Are you the type who runs inside as soon as the mercury dips into the single digits? Take matters into your own hands and extend your usage of your backyard oasis with a fire pit.

An outdoor fire pit creates an incredible ambiance and serves as a focal point for an evening of entertainment. The dancing flames and crackling sounds will melt your stress away while providing warmth on autumn evenings. Fire also serves as a natural insect repellent while you enjoy those starry evenings in your backyard oasis.

If children are present, impress them with your s’mores. If they’re not, make s’mores anyway!

Be sure that your fire pit is in good order and safely removed from flammable structures. As an alternative, bask in the warmth of an outdoor heater.

Tip: Want an even quicker way to heat up? Install a hot tub!

An outdoor fire pit and seating area will help you keep summer nights going right through the fall.

2. Relax on Weatherproof Patio Furniture

Enjoy your outdoor space on some cozy, fall-proof furniture. Invest in some comfortable seating that is durable and weatherproof. Blankets and throws will not only provide warmth but add to the decor as well. Outdoor daybeds and hammocks are great for lounging, while an outdoor table is great for dining in your yard.

Use Fall Colours

Red, orange, yellow, brown, and gold are among the colours associated with fall. Featuring these tones in your outdoor oasis will create a relaxing and seasonal environment.

3. Enjoy Autumn in an Outdoor Room

Why not indulge in the ultimate luxury by adding a patio, deck, pavilion, pergola, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen to your backyard area? You’ll enjoy shade when it’s hot and shelter when it’s not while entertaining family and friends.

4. Create a Fall Foliage Haven by Planting Trees

Trees don’t grow overnight, but there’s no time like the present to plant some fall foliage in your backyard oasis.

Some trees famous for their colourful fall foliage include Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) with its brilliant oranges and reds, Red Maple (Acer rubrum) with vibrant red foliage, and Ginkgo biloba with striking golden-yellow leaves. Other trees like Oaks, Sweet Gums, Birch, and Dogwood also contribute to the diverse and striking array of colours during the fall season.

Bonus: Mature trees will add to the value of your home!

5. Illuminate Your Backyard Oasis with Beautiful Lighting

Just because the sun is putting in shorter days at the office does not mean you’re condemned to darkness! Outdoor lighting not only casts light upon the beautiful faces of your friends and family, it also contributes to safety and security while highlighting your yard’s features. String lights, wall-mounted lights, ambient lighting, and other forms of lighting each hold distinct advantages, so start planning your light installation today!

6. Get Seasonal with Fall-Themed Decorations

Natural materials, antiques, and textured fabrics can help you achieve a rustic farmhouse decor that fits the season.

Seasonal holidays include Thanksgiving and Halloween, so consider decorating your outdoor area accordingly. Harvest-themed displays and creepy scarecrows come to mind. Use your imagination when creating a shrine to this beautiful, under-appreciated season.

Fall is the perfect opportunity to display a harvest-themed display.
Pumpkins and other fall plants.

7. Stay Toasty with a Warm Beverage and Snack Station

An outdoor beverage cart or station is the best way to distribute seasonal snacks and drinks that will keep your guests grinning. Transform your own backyard into a high-end coffeehouse with pumpkin everything! Warm your insides with a hot chocolate bar. It’s all about presentation, so don’t skimp on the nutmeg.

8. Increase the Fun Factor with Some Autumn Themed Outdoor Games

Pumpkin relay races, apple bobbing, and scavenger hunts are proven fun for kids ages 3-103. Fall nature bingo is a fun way to embrace nature. And hey, when’s the last time you just jumped in a big pile of leaves? Fun is where you find it, so embrace your creativity.

Bonus: Breaking a sweat is a great way to stay warm!

Getting Started

Old man winter is on the way, but it’s not here yet! As Canadians, it’s our duty to toughen up and embrace the seasons that Mother Nature throws our way.

Davel Construction has built a reputation for excellent service and outstanding quality outdoor and indoor renovations. The best part? Our 3D design process allows you to picture the finished result before we even get started.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor oasis in time for fall or do some indoor renovations to enjoy over the winter, the time to get started is now. Not only will you enjoy your upgrades, you’ll add to the value of your home.

Contact Davel today and take your home and yard to the next level!