Understand These Three Things & Excel at Interior Design

Written by Davel Construction On September 1, 2022
View of finished basement with TV, fireplace and sauna entrance

Your home is your greatest asset, but it’s so much more than walls, rooms, and a roof. It’s the setting for the movie of your life! It’s part of you and it should feel that way. If you want to make your home an extension of yourself, interior design is the key. 

Your home is yours and there are no ‘rules’ for design (other than the ones that ensure your home is up to code). There are, however, some well established principles for accentuating the positive, de-emphasizing the limitations, and striking the right balance. Consider the following three principles of interior design.

Interior Design is an Art and a Science

Are you a beginner looking for a place to start? You’re in the right place!

An overview of interior design begins with these seven elements: 


Space is the three dimensional canvas upon which we work. It will be composed of positive space (which contains objects) and negative space (which will not). Changing the space itself requires structural renovation. 


Lines guide our eyes in impactful ways. Horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines, created by tables, doorways, and other features will impact the way we perceive space. Mantles and feature walls also serve as focal points, drawing our eyes and reshaping the room. 


Form refers to the shape of the room and the objects therein. Geometric forms have lines and edges, while natural forms take on the less rigid shapes preferred by nature.


Light too plays a role in our perception of the room. It has the potential to alter the ambience of an area, as well as emphasize particular elements


Colour has known psychological impacts and works in tandem with light. Before choosing colors ask yourself what the room will be used for and what mood you’d like to create. 


Texture is found on the surface of an object or on the room’s finish. It’s present on everything from your ceiling to your sofa pillows. 


Pattern has a unique ability to draw our eyes and influence our perception of space. For this reason it should be utilized for impact, but while exercising caution. 

The Takeaway: interior design is a studied science, with well-established guidelines and principles. Understand how they work together and you’re off to the races. 

Interior Design is All About Balance

When designing a room, less can be more. You’ll recall from our previous section, the distinction between positive and negative space. Selecting a limited number of feature items and focal points will create the tidy, balanced, and roomy feel that is generally favored by interior designers. Having said that, there are those who prefer the eclectic look, which is not against the law (although your spouse may write you a citation). 

Much like a good meal, some things pair better than others. There are many features that Davel Construction can install in your house, and while we recommend each of them, we don’t recommend all of them. While it can seem tempting to order everything on the menu, it’s not necessarily a good idea. After all, you don’t want your room to look as though it needs to loosen its belt buckle. 

The Takeaway: nothing happens in isolation. The structure of the room and all within it work in tandem, so a holistic approach must be taken. Less is often, but not always, more. 

Bar area in finished basement

Interior Design Must Balance Function with Fashion

Unlike wall art the rooms of our homes are lived in, worked in, sat in, and walked through. This can be a limitation, but it can also provide an opportunity. 

A kitchen is the heart of the home, and an island can increase the capability for co-operative food preparation. A breakfast nook can lead to extended morning coffees and conversations. 

Elsewhere in the home a fireplace can draw the eye, as well as a crowd, leading to spontaneous game nights or late night heart to hearts.   

The Takeaway: just as we affect the designs of our homes, our homes affect the designs of our lives. Rooms should be designed to fit their intended purposes. 

Finsihed basement with accent wall

Next Steps

Davel Construction have decades of experience completing high quality renovations and remodels in every room of the house, as well as the yard. We treat every customer’s home like our own, striving to increase both the livability and value of the home. 

Our 3D design process allows clients to understand how the finished result will feel before work even begins, ensuring that their home fits their lives and captures the desired essence. 

Request a free consultation today and see how Davel Construction can improve your home.