Why 3D Landscape Renderings are Essential

Written by Davel Construction On November 30, 2021
3D Rendering Backyard

Are you working with a landscaper who offers top-down 2D sketches of the design for your new yard? Or picture-like renderings that approximate what your new landscape will look like? You should find a service provider that uses 3D landscape renderings to really see what your space will be like once you’ve revamped it. Here are a few ways that 3D landscape renderings benefit you. 

Be Truly “In” the Space 

It can be quite challenging to look at a 2D sketch and understand how it will really look, especially if you are not naturally a visual person. 3D renderings allow you to feel like you are in the space. When looking at it, you will understand the distance between elements better, how colour and textures interact, and how it will feel to walk through your new space. 3D renderings can help you feel more confident in your landscaper’s design for that reason. 

Clearer Communication 

It’s common for customers to not understand some aspect of the design. Unfortunately, you may only realize that you misunderstood your landscaper after the design has been installed. Maybe you didn’t understand how narrow the path would be or how tall the deck would feel. 3D renderings will help you better understand your design so that you end up happier with your yard in the end. 

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3D rendering pergola

Highlight Height and Privacy Features 

When presented with a 2D image of your landscape, you may undervalue some of the most important parts of the design. Primarily, the privacy features or elements that are tall, tend to not read very well on a traditional 2D image. Mature trees, tall bushes, walls, trellises, and more all look better in 3D renderings. These are often features that cost more and that homeowners like you may not be completely sure are worth the cost. If you are considering whether these features are worth it, 3D renderings may give you the best idea. 

Save Time 

Landscape design programs focus on making their platform simple and quick to use. They know that a landscaper needs to turn around designs to present to you quickly, so they include ways to save time. For example, it is simple for your landscaper to change the colour or pattern of your new patio stones in their designs, so they can show you as many options as you need until you have the exact look that you want. 

Go Mobile  

There are some landscape design apps that offer 3D renderings. The benefit is that you always have your plan on your phone, so you can check up on it whenever your landscaper needs you to, even if you’re not at home. Buying into new landscape design programs comes with other convenient benefits like a mobile app. 

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