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Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting may seem like a minor feature in your landscape, but it’s quite important. Your landscape lighting affects safety, function and ambiance. The right lighting can make your property more sophisticated and highlight its best features. At Davel Construction Inc., we give the exterior lighting in each of our designs a lot of thought. It is one of the little details that make each space we work on unique. The best lighting is designed to enhance your hardscaping, or the foundational elements of your landscaping such as pathways and patios.

Unique Outdoor Light Fixtures

Don’t settle for lighting that seems like an afterthought. The most sophisticated, unique lighting options are built-in to your hardscape features when they are built, not dangling from your trellis after you find out your landscape space is too dark. We can build your lights into your patio, pool, pillars and along pathways. At the front entrance, embedding lights into the pavers on the ground or in your pillars prevent trip hazards and protect the lights from wind and rain. Lights installed near the pool alert people to the water’s edge and create a marvellous atmosphere as the light bounces off the water. Lights installed around firepits make the company more visible at night and add to the firelight’s romantic ambiance.

How Landscape Lighting Improves Your Space

Landscape lighting should achieve several goals in your design. First, it should make spaces safer. Lighting should adorn every pathway, especially near the stairs, and also highlight water features. With proper visibility, you can prevent accidents. Lighting should also make your space usable at night and build the ambiance that you prefer. If you prefer large group gatherings, you may want a lot of light to see everyone’s face. More intimate gatherings and romantic evenings call for softer light. We can build both into your landscape.
exterior lighting over driveway

Why Davel Construction Inc.?

It takes a skilled lighting contractor to install your lighting into interlocking properly. The team at Davel Construction Inc. are experts with the skill to pull of these unique techniques with elegance. If you want to work with a company that takes all of the details into account, including exterior lighting, request a consultation with us today.