Benefits of Hiring an Interlocking Contractor

Hiring an interlocking contractor, like the team at Davel Construction, ensures that your interlocking project will be properly organized and effortlessly executed.

You can count on construction proceeding  in a safe and orderly manner. Your contractor will stick to a defined schedule, the work area will be clean, and your property will remain free from damages.

We begin the planning process from the moment you explain your vision of the project to our design experts. From there we can provide you with a virtual walk through of the 3D model to give you a more extensive idea of what the end result will produce.

From this 3D color rendering, you can see the style, color, and composition working in harmony to create the patio, walkway, or driveway you have in mind. Once the plan has been scrutinized and approved, we will then gather the necessary materials and begin working on the project.

Interlocking Pavers vs. Other Types of Stonework

While regular stonework is considered traditional, there is little doubt that interlocking stonework is an innovation that has made advancements in function, installation, and durability of other kinds of stonework on the market.

Did you know that when compared to standard poured concrete, interlocking stone has been proven to be four times stronger? It’s true. Thanks to the inherent strength created by the interlocking joints, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of long lasting cohesiveness.

While vegetation such as grass and weeds can often infiltrate the seams of masonry – even when it comes to interlocking – poured concrete has a tendency to shift and crack over time which will often call for more extensive maintenance costs.

Comparing interlocking stonework with other kinds of masonry in terms of maintenance shows that interlocking stonework often requires fewer regular repairs, as compared to brick or flagstone. When maintenance is required, it can be done with less effort and mess.

Additionally, interlocking stone installations leave less mess and debris on your property because they require no mortar. In terms of designs and aesthetic, interlocking pavers also provide more room for creativity and innovation.

Why Interlocking Is Popular among Homeowners

The benefits of interlocking pavers has as much to do with function, design trends, and cost effectiveness as it does with the craft itself. Interlocking stonework has been popular since the Roman Empire; however, interlocking pavers are experiencing a significant renaissance.

Today, property and home owners are choosing to enhance their landscapes with this stonework because interlocking is an attractive and durable construction material. Interlocking stone has been proven to be weather resistant. In climates that are cold and wintery to those that are hot, arid deserts, the stonework retains its smooth and attractive surface for years.

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