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Interlocking is a sophisticated foundation for a home’s entryway, back patio, pool, and walkway. Available in many shapes, colours and textures, interlocking pavers allows you to personalize your landscaping. It can also make your entrance and backyard more functional.

As a reputable interlock company, Davel Construction Inc. every contractor is a stonework specialist. We don’t just install your interlocking; we make it unique and use it to maximize your space. Learn more about our interlock services below.


Attention-Grabbing Entrances & Walkways

When you walk up your home’s steps, how do you feel? Interlocking can make your entrance more structured and beautiful, improving your curb appeal and how you feel when you come home. Make your exterior more practical by adding a walkway next to your driveway, or on large driveways, include decorative interlocking elements to make the most of your space.

There is a huge range of options for your front entrance and walkway, from basic pavers to flagstone or natural stone. We’ll work with you to find the stone with the right colour and texture to best bring your vision to life.

Interlock Entrances, Walkways & Pathways

Dazzling Driveways

Cracking and crumbling driveways are a hassle to deal with. When you have an asphalt driveway, the maintenance never ends. However, interlocking pavers, when designed and installed correctly, will last longer and look stunning. Don’t settle for a boring stone, either. By breaking away from asphalt, you have the opportunity to transform your driveway into something unique.

We can incorporate your driveway with your front entrance and walkways to create a seamless look for your landscaping. This doesn’t mean you have to use only one stone. Accent stones and coping are important elements of every interlocking design. We’ll show you how to pair materials to create a refined look.

Interlock Driveways
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Discover the Davel Difference

Davel Construction Inc can completely transform your home with our advanced interlocking services. We focus on adding value with our interlocking services and stand behind our work with a full 5-year warranty.

Learn more about how interlocking can enhance your home’s exterior, request a consultation with us today.