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Interlocking Entrances, Walkways & Pathways

Few upgrades are as dramatic as new interlocking walkways. Forget the boring concrete blocks that builders add to homes. Interlocking adds colour, texture, and sophistication to your front entrance. Don’t settle for less than a stonework specialist for your interlocking pathway. With every paver we install, the team at Davel Construction Inc. seeks to add long-term value and lasting style to your home. We’re stonework experts who obsess over the perfect installation for your interlocking.

The Key to Your Curb Appeal

Interlocking pathways turn front entrances into grand entrances. Well-chosen interlocking pavers laid out in the right design can enhance your home’s architectural style and make your home more welcoming and beautiful. Much of the success of our designs is about choosing the right colours to harmonize with your home’s exterior. Of course, you should consider stone texture too. Smoother stones are modern and more accessible. However, you can add remarkable texture while keeping your pathway smooth. Consider border and edging stones with rougher textures to add some contrast.

Interlock Walkway Designs

Before you settle on a style, explore our gallery of interlocking walkway designs. Many use borders, high contrast, and uniquely textured stones to create dynamic and sophisticated looks. If the side of your home is accessible, you may be especially interested in how our designs enhance this transition area of the home. When planning your design, you should also consider if you should change other elements of your front and back yard while you upgrade your pathways. You could consider installing matching interlocking for your driveway, steps, garden beds, back patio, and other hardscaping features.
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Why Davel Construction Inc.?

Our high-end interlocking services are part of your path to a more beautiful home. The team at Davel Construction Inc. are all stonework experts. We’re up to date on the best installation methods, materials and designs for high-end home interlocking. As a mark of our quality, we stand behind all of our work with a five-year warranty. If you’re considering an interlocking pathway for your home, request a consultation with us today.