At Davel Construction, we offer essential interlocking services to our customers, allowing them to improve upon or re-imagine their property in ways that will enhance the aesthetics of their home’s exterior, and add value to the property.

We provide pavers in a wide variety of textures, shapes, colors, and patterns, which gives clients a large number of combinations to work with to get just the right look.

Using our dynamic 3D design technology, we can create plans for:

  • Driveways
  • Front Entrances and Walkways
  • Steps
  • Patios


We can construct a unique and aesthetically pleasing interlocking stone driveway based on your specifications. More and more homeowners are choosing interlocking stone because over time concrete and asphalt become worn from use and weather, which lowers your property’s value.

Prior to the installation, we will render a 3D design plan of the driveway. Once we have established the plan, our team will gather the material and set to work removing the existing pavement or asphalt.

During the process, we lay a level sand bed over which we’ll construct the new driveway and use interlocking stones to create an immaculate new driveway. We meticulously install these pavers and ensure that the end result is sturdy, long lasting and beautiful.


Two features that can enhance a home’s curb appeal are the front entrances and walkways. If your existing walkways already need repair, their worn look can make your home look unappealing. Interlocking stone front entrances and walkways give residences and commercial properties gravitas and enhance the look of the structures.

We have over 15 years of experience creating functional interlocking paths from the street, and beautiful walkways that make a statement with color, design and texture. At Davel Construction, part of our interlocking services includes developing a 3D walkway plan so you can see what the end result will be before work begins on the site.

You can search through our database for paving designs, stone colors and materials, and stone shapes and sizes. Together, we’ll develop the best look to match your home or commercial residence.


Steps are very important components to the function and look of a home. Worn steps detract from the property’s look and of a well-designed structure. Davel Construction has the experience and expert craftsmanship to construct steps using high quality interlocking stonework materials. We can construct new, durable steps using natural stone, flagstone, granite, limestone, and sandstone interlocking pavers.


A patio is a construction project with elements similar to interior design. Davel Construction can design and install patios including, flagstone patios, Interlocking, and natural stone patios.

Our company was established based on a love for the outdoors, so we showcase the look and feel of nature in your own back yard. Using interlocking stone, we extend your home’s living space into your backyard and create a space for things like flower beds, BBQs, and gardens.

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