Installing a stone driveway gives the front of your home beauty and curb appeal while providing a durable driveway for your vehicles. However not all driveways are created equal. Addressing what you don’t see in a driveway will make the difference between a solid structure that will stand the test of time or a sub par job that will begin to fall apart not long after it has been installed.

Stone Driveway

The thing that separates a driveway from other hardscape installations is the stress and lateral friction it will receive from your vehicles and other vehicles like moving trucks, delivery trucks etc.. The impact of this factor is huge and should not be overlooked when installing or planning for a interlocked driveway.  For this reason we put special focus on the base and sub base of all of our projects. Ensuring that these have been compacted to the highest levels using the proper compaction equipment and the use of the highest quality aggregates and materials available is key.

Beautiful stone driveway installed by Davel

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Why Interlocking Stone Driveways?

There are several advantages to having our professionals at Davel Construction work on your new driveway:

  • Interlocking driveways makes your home look great
  • Fixing even small cracks or erosion can prevent larger, expensive replacements
  • You can minimize damage to your vehicle by making a smooth path

Increase your property value with a stonework driveway. Your imagination is the limit – you dream it, we build it.

Why Choose Davel

Our team at Davel Construction are interlocking experts. Whether it be a driveway, retaining wall, or patio, our skilled builders have a long history of completing projects using this beautiful and functional type of stone work. For more information on some of the other interlocking stone projects we’ve recently completed, including driveways, please visit the latest projects section on our homepage.

At Davel Construction we exhibit the same level of care in craftsmanship across all of our projects. Client satisfaction is our only goal, and the reason that we offer value added services such as 3D renderings standard with every project. With us, you will be able to visualize your project before any work begins, allowing you to confirm that the project meets your exact specifications before getting started. To learn more about our 3D design process, check out our 3D project design page.

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