Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Services

Keeping your home bright and welcoming is a key element of creating a warm, safe, and welcoming atmosphere. Adding light fixtures to your yard can drastically improve the way it appears and make for a much more enjoyable living experience. Sleep soundly with the added safety and comfort of a well-lit yard or enjoy your patio and backyard on those nice summer evenings. Whether it’s landscape lighting, hardscape lighting, or another form of outdoor lighting, you’ll be amazed by the difference a little brightness can make.

Perks of Landscape and Hardscape Lighting

There are a number of advantages to including a little light into your landscape and outdoor design. Alongside with other renovation projects, adding lighting to your yard can create a great deal of appeal to your home. A well-lit property stands out from its dark counterparts because of the well-cared-for impression that it casts. Additionally, an illuminated yard allows family members and friends to navigate the yard safely in the evening, especially around patios, decks, gardens, and pools. Outdoor lighting also provides a comforting sense of security since it will discourage trespassers and other criminals from entering your property, keeping your family safe.

Our Process

Davel Construction has been changing homes, yards, and lives for over 15 years. We believe in keeping our clients in touch throughout the process and providing them with the tools to make the best decisions for their homes. We have helped countless families and homeowners add to their residence with functional, practical, and elegant outdoor lighting that never fails to please. At Davel Construction we:

  • Keep clients aware and informed throughout the steps of outdoor lighting projects
  • Provide expert advice for decision making
  • Choose the best quality products for our clients
  • Offer 3D design services for every job

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