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Outdoor Fireplaces and Outdoor Firepits

Elevate your nighttime entertaining game with an outdoor fireplace or firepit. Elegant, bright fire features add light and warmth to any landscape, adding value to your home and elegance to your evening gatherings. Both outdoor gas fireplaces and outdoor firepits can be made of interlocking stone. This versatile material is perfect to create just the right character for your fire feature, and Davel Construction Inc. is the perfect company to design and install it. We are stonework specialists who seek to add long-term value to every landscape we work on.

Your Outdoor Fireplace Design Options

A fireplace isn’t just a fireplace. Seating is, of course, a must around any fire feature. Some people also choose to build their fireplaces into a covered patio or below pergolas. Whatever you want to add to your outdoor fireplace, we can pull it off. At Davel Construction Inc., we create unified, whole designs where each element enhances the other. We can match your fireplace to your other interlocking elements and create a beautiful, whole design from your front yard into your backyard.

Visualize Your Fireplace in a New Way

Not all fire features are created equal. How will you know that your design will look and feel the way you want it to? We’ve invested in innovative technology that allows you to explore a 3D model of your new fire pit. This experience helps you get a better sense of how your fireplace will look in your space and how you’ll experience it. We obsess over every detail, so if you find that something isn’t quite right with your 3D model, we’ll work with you to change it until you’re satisfied. Take a look through our fireplace gallery to get a sense of our attention to detail, and we know you’ll be pleased.
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Why Davel Construction Inc.?

From rustic and warm to polished and modern, you can achieve any style fireplace with interlocking, and Davel Construction Inc, are interlocking experts. We have access to the best materials and install every paver with high attention to detail. We stand behind all of our work with a five-year guarantee. If you are considering an outdoor fireplace or outdoor firepit, request a consultation with us today.