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Retaining Wall Contractors

A truly lush, stylish landscape needs both structure and proper drainage. Stone retaining walls and pillars can help you achieve both with also adding to the space’s beauty. These features define different spaces, help your ground retain water to nurture your lawn or plants, and add texture, colour, and pattern. Both interlocking retaining walls and pillars can add remarkable visual interest, whether you place them in your front or back yard. However, they need to be installed properly to function and stand the test of time. The team at Davel Construction Inc. are stone work specialists with advanced installation skills and access to some of the highest quality materials. Choose us as your local retaining wall contractors.

Why Use Retaining Walls and Pillars?

If you take a look at our gallery of retaining walls and pillars, you’ll see immediately that these features elevate landscapes and make them more sophisticated and sophisticated. When placed in the entryway, retaining walls help define your property or make your entrance grander. Use stone pillars to flank your front door and create an impression. Or, use a block retaining wall at the edge of your front lawn and driveway to make your property feel more private. Along the side of the house or in the backyard, retaining walls help define gardens or lawn spaces, while retaining the water that makes them lush and vibrant. Connect your retaining wall to your fireplace or patio to create flow through your space.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining wall installation and pillar installation is more complex than it may seem. Improperly installed walls can collapse or fail to improve your property’s drainage. Or, they may look uneven or have breaks in their pattern. At Davel Construction Inc., we take every detail of your interlocking installation seriously. We stand behind all of our work with a five-year guarantee, which is how you know we build solid structures.
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Why Davel Construction Inc.?

Every member of the team at Davel Construction Inc. goes above and beyond to ensure your property will be more beautiful and valuable when we’re done. We use some of the best available materials and aggregates to keep our commitment to you. Choose us as your retaining wall contractors and request a consultation with us today.